Bama Marketing Group is pleased to introduce The1DollarThing, a whole new way to a whole new lifestyle. We have established a business plan that will give you the direction you need to reach your ultimate financial destination. Our mission is to make Network Marketing great again. We have a proven track record in this industry since 2009 and while Network Marketing can be the most liberating and profitable business in the world, we have found people around the world who struggle to succeed. Our job is to make sure you succeed. We are very serious about your success. We want to help you earn a large monthly income and guarantee your success! If you are successful, we are successful!




Statistics show that 63% of Americans do not have enough money in savings to cover a $500 emergency? Did you know that the average Social Security Check is approximately $1,167 per month? The1DollarThing can give you freedom!

It can allow you to pay off your bills, spend more time with family and friends, buy a new car, buy a new house, take the vacation of your dreams, prepare for retirement, pay off college loans . . . Well, you get the picture! The1DollarThing can provide you the stress free lifestyle you have always known was possible, but didn't know how to accomplish.

Knowledge is Power

Most of our lives, major milestones require some level of preparation and education. (Knowledge if you will)

The1DollarThing includes an exclusive quarterly subscription to TheSmallBusiness Magazine. This magazine is filled with information, tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs build a business.

Each quarter you will learn how to save money, how to earn an additional income, tax savings tips, etc. Articles about Healthy Living and Travel along with living a well rounded successful lifestyle are included in your subscription.

The1DollarThing rewards Independent Reps for building a sales team! You can participate in our compensation structure where you will receive overrides on anyone in your team within the 3x6 matrix structure. You can begin at the Basic Level and as your team grows, you can upgrade to the Emerald Level and then again to our Diamond Level. You have the ability to earn over $7,000 per month, month after month in The1DollarThing Compensation Structure. Be sure to check out the Income Opportunity Page!

You have EVERYTHING to GAIN and nothing to lose!

Heck, it's only 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, 100 pennies to get started
as an Independent Rep!

The1DollarThing can also be used as an awesome tool to add to whatever you are already doing! By introducing people to The1DollarThing and The Small Business Magazine, you help them keep more of their money in their pocket and you give them the opportunity to earn an additional income. Now that they have more money to spend, they can spend it on your Primary Business. It's another Win-Win for everyone.

In addition to receiving the Small Business Magazine, you will also have access to our No Cost Benefit Package. Inside this unique package you have access to hundreds of coupons that will save you money on all your everyday purchases. You will have access to several Mobile Apps, where you can actually save money and earn money. You can take advantage of our Prescription Card where you can save up to 90% on prescription drugs, along with savings on dental, vision, hearing, labs and imaging tests. You will also have access to our Direct Sales Division where you can purchase our products at wholesale and sell them at retail, giving you an additional income!


IT'S AS EASY AS 1...2...3

Network Marketing is one of the best ways to earn an additional income working from the comfort of your own home. There is no learning curve and no experience needed at The1DollarThing. We provide you with marketing materials and a simple follow the step plan to help ensure your success.

The first thing you need to do is become an Independent Rep. by completing the application. Then just purchase the Basic Product Package, which is the quarterly small business magazine in a digital format, along with setting up your back office. You will also have access to our Benefit Package and have the ability to earn an additional income through our Direct Sales Division. Total cost to get started is $1 per month, plus $2 for the annual administration of your replicated site and back office. You have the choice to purchase your magazine on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis for a total of $14.

As you begin your 1DollarThing career opportunity, it is important to realize that you are in business for yourself, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF. We think it is important for you to get to know your upline, as well as your downline. We pride ourselves in having a real team atmosphere and a team approach to help you succeed. The1DollarThing is dedicated to helping you succeed, so we also highly recommend you take advantage of all training and conference calls.

If for some reason you just want to get your feet wet, or maybe you just want to check us out, The1DollarThing offers an Associate Level. You can become an Associate at The1DollarThing at absolutely no cost. Just click on the Associate button. As an Associate, you have the ability to earn an additional income through our Direct Sales Division. You will also be able to enjoy numerous benefits where you can save money and earn money by utilizing our No Cost Benefit Package.

The Last Thing You Need is
Something Complicated

The1DollarThing has created
the easiest system on the net to
get you into profit fast!



Bama Marketing Group has done it's research and has helped people around the world who empower all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. We've found that ANYONE can earn a very lucrative income working in their spare time while continuing to do what they already do. In most cases, EVERYONE would like to provide just a little bit more money for their household budget, they want just a little bit more time for their family and friends, they want to live just a little bit of what they dream of, basically, most people want just a little bit more! The1DollarThing is just a little bitty dollar that can give you all those little bitty things you want!

Think about it - The Networker wants to help more people in their primary business - The College Students wants to graduate without thousands of dollars in debt - The Waitress wants better hours and time off their feet - The Business Owner wants to pay off all those bills for all the equipment they need - The Truck Driver who wants more time at home. The1DollarThing is here to help everyone - anywhere!


A great feeder program to anything you are doing!


Life Is Too Short To Be Taken Seriously

College Students

Graduate Debt Free! Take Excited Spring Breaks at Low Low Cost!


Earn an additional income to pay for all those things you want for your classroom.


Work The Hours You Want!

Truck Drivers

An easy way to build a business while you are driving from Point A to Point B!


Add money to your household on your own time with your kids right there with you.

Sales Personnel

Give your clients a way to save additional money. More money in their pocket means more they can spend on your business.

Business Owners

Add this to your business and pay off or get new equipment.


The1DollarThing offers everyone an opportunity to achieve Financial Independence. The1DollarThing has everything you need in a "home-based" business. The business plan is simple, it's affordable, it's duplicable and it's easy to get started.

Whether you team up with us or not we would like to leave you a few final thoughts.

What would you do with your life if you had all the time and all the money you need? If time or money was no object, where would you spend your next vacation? What kind of car would you drive? What kind of house would live in? How much time would you spend doing the things you really enjoy?

We all, each and every one of us, dream and hope that tomorrow will be better than today. We all want to be greater than we are, do better than we do and have more than we have. But, the hard part is turning those dreams into reality ~ those hopes into accomplishments.

Most of us, day after day and week after week, find ourselves so bogged down with the daily routine of life, that we never really seem to have time to spend on the projects that mean the most to us. As the days go by, we end up getting further and further from our goals, often settling for much less than we had originally hoped for.

How many times in your life did you tell yourself... "Someday I will do this or Someday I will do that." But that someday has never come. Whether it's poor economic conditions or bad timing or inadequate financing or whatever the reason might be.

The1DollarThing is here to tell you that your SOMEDAY is here.